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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

For years, my husband has been encouraging me to start a blog. For years, I have been ignoring him. I felt like I was too busy. I felt like what I had to say didn't matter. I was afraid of backlash. But today, I am embracing the challenge, the fear, and the anxiety. We are in a place as a global society that makes me worry about the future my children face and I want an outlet to explore issues of race, parenting, international affairs and other topics from my own perspective.

When I was trying to come up with a concept for this blog I struggled because there are so many things that catch my attention upon which I want to reflect. The problem is that rarely do these things intersect. Sometimes I want to reflect on an issue from my perspective as an academic and sometimes I want to reflect on the absolute chaos of being a parent. How in the world did it make sense to write about all those different things in one place?

Which is how I landed on In The Grey. What I came to realize through conversations back and forth with my husband and my best friend, both of whom I consider far better versed in how to create an internet presence than I, is that the common thread in most of what I ponder is that we are complex individuals who come from complex families in complex communities in a very complex society. So, to try to definitively say what is right or wrong or create a truth in black and white seems unrealistic.

Expect to find posts from me about a range of different issues based on my own perspective. I encourage thoughtful discussion and a variety of opinions that will inevitably illustrate the vast greyness that lies between the extremes. I hope to expand reader's knowledge and in turn I expect my knowledge to continue to expand because if I've learned anything in my 11 years of formal higher education it is that books can only offer so much. It is our interactions with one another that keep us learning for a lifetime.

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