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Thank You, Kobe

There is absolutely nothing grey about the devastating tragedy that is the loss of Kobe Bryant today. Everyone in the world knows the name Kobe Bryant. You don't need to be a basketball fan to understand the deep impact he's had on hundreds of thousands of people, directly and indirectly. In addition to him, eight other people including his thirteen year old daughter, were lost in the crash today.

I live in a basketball household. I am part of an extended basketball family. The shock of this loss is surreal. As I type these words and watch the news coverage, I still can't wrap my head around the idea that such a legend is gone. And certainly not that his daughter is also gone. As a mother, it is absolutely unfathomable to imagine losing my life partner and one of my babies in the same moment. My heart is broken for his entire family.

And so how do you possibly honor such a life? All of the major sports networks and teams will honor him throughout the remainder of the season. Monuments will come. Buildings and roads will be named. Small and insignificant as it seems writing this thank you note is my individual way of honoring such a great.

Kobe Bryant is the reason my husband picked up a basketball. Before Kobe, his focus was school and soccer. Kobe's greatness motivated him to learn the game. Kobe's incessant work ethic inspired him to aim for a college scholarship in the US. Without Kobe's greatness, without his motivational ways it is unlikely my husband would have landed in the US. It is unlikely we would have met and it is unlikely we would have the beautiful life we have today.

Thank you Kobe, for your inspirational existence. For giving people around the world hope that they could make their dreams a reality, whether basketball related or not. Thank you for playing a small role in bringing my husband and I together.

I imagine there are likely thousands upon thousands of similar stories around the world. People who find themselves where they are now because in some way they were directly or indirectly influenced by Kobe and his message. Rest in peace and may your family find some solace in the tremendous impact you've had in this world.

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